Ahh the Pinterest appeal…

Pinterest draws you in with just one glance at the home screen; and with your first ‘pin’ you are hooked.  In a way, the social website acts as your own personal, categorized Google.  While you may not ever actually go back and look or try everything you’ve pinned, chances are you’ve tried at least a couple and at least a couple have been responsible for the way you do things today.  But if you’re even kind of addicted, as I am, whenever you see something in real life – clothes, food, DIY, etc – you probably think ‘hey, there’s a pin for that!’ or ‘oh yeah,  I saw that on Pinterest!’… So, what have I tried or learned from Pinterest over the past year or two thanks to this incredible, giant online bulletin board?  Here’s my personal ‘Things I’ve actually done because of Pinterest’ (and yes, I have a board for that…. (Disclaimer: all pictures are from original websites listed below, none were taken by me personally)

1.  Behold – THE GLITTER SHOE!!!!

Made these for St Patricks Day! 

I made these, in this exact green color, for St Patrick’s Day two years ago.  I had an old pair of heels that I didn’t mind wrecking; they turned out fabuloussss! I got the directions off this website, I think… except I also sprayed my heels with a clear coat sealant to prevent a giant glitter trail (I just left a mini one)…

2.  The black shiny/matte french mani

Love this..

I searched high and low for a matte finish black polish with no avail… I finally ended up finding a matte top coat made by ‘OPI for Sephora’; and then I had to search for a nail salon willing to use my nail polish.. Most of the salons in Uptown did not have ANY matte polishes, so I finally found one that was excited to see if it worked; which it sort of did, but if anything oily or wet gets near your nails, it just kind of all looks the same.. may have a different effect with a truly matte polish, but I don’t recommend the top coat (haven’t used it since).

3.  Don’t laugh, but I honestly didn’t know how to fold a fitted sheet before this pin from Stephmodo..

It works. While I still haven’t completely perfected it, my fitted sheet no longer gets shoved in my bench to gather millions of wrinkles that will never come out!

4.  “Easy Garlic & Brown Sugar Chicken”

Easy Garlic Chicken.. Garlic & brown sugar.. mmm so good!

I’m not much of a cook, I’m hardly considered domesticated, but the word easy caught my attention and I had to try this recipe from Food.com.  While mine definitely did not look like that, the recipe really was easy and the chicken was delicious! Give it a try!

5.  Quinoa Chili

Quinoa Chili - This vegetarian, protein-packed chili is the perfect bowl of comfort food that you can eat guilt-free!

This was sooo good! It was a chili (yes, that’s a pun) night and I was craving comfort without cooking red meat, I HATE cooking red meat.  I found this recipe from Damn Delicious and headed straight to the grocery store.  Turned out fabulously and I still have some in the freezer! FYI, the avocado on top really made the chili perfect.

6.  Ticket Collection Memory Box

a place for tickets {memory box} for plane tickets, concert tickets, baseball & football tickets... rather than throw away, this is a great way to display them

I was really excited when I found this. I’ve been holding on to ticket stubs for years waiting to have something fun to do with them all.  While the pin picture was uploaded by an anonymous user (the one I found); if this was your idea, I applaud and thank you!

7.  Cilantro Lime Chicken!!

Quick Lime Cilantro Chicken    Update 11/4 - 7:20 -I literally am making this right now.. it is super quick, hope it tastes as good as It looks!

Another delicious chicken recipe.  I was so impressed with how well this turned out for me! And after I instagrammed my own version, I had multiple friends asking for the recipe.  Find it here: Our Life in the Kitchen

8.  Gold over black eyeliner

gold liner over black liner

Again, not sure where this original image is from – but I’m in love with this look.  I bought Covergirls gold liner from their Hunger Games collection and where this almost every weekend!

Well, those are just a few great ideas that I found. What have you actually done because of Pinterest? Haven’t ‘pinned’ anything yet? Head on over and sign up here, you have to at least check it out! Good luck!


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