January Wine Highlight

I’ve decided to do a monthly wine highlight on my blog. Disclaimer: I am definitely NOT a wine expert, probably the farthest thing from one; doesn’t mean I can’t still enjoy or appreciate a nice glass full of flavor though. So, in other words, please be nice and don’t criticize me too harshly, please.

This one I received for my birthday from my best friend’s brother who happens to work at a wine shop at the mall. The wine is white Moscato, 2012, Alba-Italia. It’s made of 100 percent Moscato Bianco grapes. It’s mildly bubbly and very sweet. While I prefer sweet, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, or I guess glass of wine. The grapes are dominant in this crisp, refreshing wine. I think this specific wine would pair famously with a crisp summer salad full of strawberries, almonds, poppy seeds, oranges, grilled chicken, etc. The winery, Tenuta Langasco, has been in the family for three generations and produces approximately 50,000 bottles of wine annually.  The website describes their Moscato D’Asti as “Yellow colour with greenish reflections. Fragrant and floral sweet nose. In the mouth it is fresh, aromatic with the pleasant sweetness of the Moscato grape. Crisp and refreshing, it works beautifully with desserts but also as aperitif or refreshing mid-afternoon drink.”

I would highly recommend this wine to anyone that likes Moscato and fruity, bubbly wines. I can’t wait to try other wines from Tenuta Langasco!


Have you tried Tenuta Langasco’s Moscato D’Asti or any of their other wines?

What do you look for in a Moscato? Or what do you love about your favorite white wine?


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